Background: The Institute for Reforming Government, Inc. a 501(c)(3) based in Madison, Wisconsin (“IRG”), is hiring a director of public affairs. Since it was launched in 2017, IRG has published a series of studies evaluating the socioeconomic impact of policy reforms of the last decade, including Act 10, healthcare reform, and workforce development. These studies have been prominently featured on Fox News, the Guy Benson Show, Washington Examiner, and other outlets.

In 2020, IRG begun a limited program focused on the next wave of free market, limited government, and education reform policies in state government. IRG’s director of public affairs, who will report to the president, CJ Szafir, and executive vice president (to be hired by 2021), will be the lynchpin of our efforts to advance government reform.

Job Duties: 

  • Be IRG’s liaison to stakeholders who work in state government, which includes, but not limited to:
    • Manage relationships with elected officials, staff, agencies, and lobbyists
    • Monitor bills and committee hearings
    • Create and distribute non-partisan policy and budget analysis
    • Generate new policy ideas
  • Work with the president & executive vice president to implement IRG’s vision, which includes, but not limited to:
    • Set-up meetings for staff and other stakeholders
    • Assemble policy materials
    • Build coalitions of supporters for IRG’s policy ideas
    • Write and research on state policy
  • Coordinate IRG’s strategic vision of government reform with key stakeholders including center right organizations, think tanks, business leaders, donors, and IRG’s Board of Directors
  • Opportunities will exist to provide testimony in committee and participate in media interviews
  • Additional responsibilities commiserate with a newer organization building out its legislative efforts

IRG employees currently work remotely and IRG provides compensation for remote work in accordance with applicable wage and hour laws. It is anticipated that IRG will evaluate office space in Madison in late 2021. The director of public affairs will have to frequently travel to Madison.

Salary is competitive and will vary depending on experience. Benefits are included and information is available upon request.


  • Bachelor’s degree, deep understanding of state government and the state budget, or experience working at an affiliate or associate organization in State Policy Network (SPN) or other center right organizations
  • A passion for public policy that ensures all Wisconsinites have an opportunity to succeed and prosper to fulfill their potential
  • Capable of breaking down complicated ideas and policy concepts into an easy to understand manner – verbally and in writing
  • Experience in state government
  • Can work independently with little day-to-day supervision – with a commitment to a team mentality
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Very outgoing personality and enjoy networking and maintaining and building relationships

Apply:  Qualified applicants should send their resume, at least two references, and a brief cover letter on why they want to work at IRG to CJ Szafir Questions on the position can be directed to CJ.

IRG is an equal opportunity employer.